Arrays methods to rule the world.

One of the integral concepts of JavaScript is arrays. Arrays help us to contain our data and allow us to make things happen in our program. They help keep the machine moving! I thought it might be helpful to talk a little bit about arrays and pinpoint array methods that can be used day in and day out. Now on to tackle those arrays.

What is an array?

Plainly, in JavaScript, an array is a data set that can contain a couple of different values, like a number, string, or boolean.

The syntax for an array looks like…

It’s a small hoisting world after all.

Any developer out there learning JavaScript is bound to run into hoisting and needing to understand it. Even in a recent job interview, I was asked what it is and wished I could have articulated better on the topic. On this note, let’s explore the fine world of hoisting in JavaScript and learn about it together!

What is hoisting in JavaScript?

Hoisting is JavaScript’s default behavior of reading all defined variables or function declarations at the top of the scope before any other code execution occurs. …

Let’s say it’s your job to teach React! What a fun challenge, there’s quite a bit of complexity to unfold, and at the same time React is a game-changer and excellent to learn. My goal is to introduce React, what it is and begin to give you a birds-eye view into understanding its ins and out. Let’s get started!

What is React?

First of all, React is an open-source front-end library used for building user interfaces (UIs). It’s a painless solution for creating interactive UIs. Guess which companies use it? The likes of Facebook, Instagram, Uber, etc (it was actually originally developed in…

16 great questions to know for a Junior Web Developer interview

Last week I completed an interview that was chock full of basic Javascript questions. Yes, this was for a Junior Software Engineer position, so of course, the questions tested where my knowledge was at for mostly Javascript and React. Some of the questions they asked weren’t entirely direct, and a strong answer would probably come from an understanding of greater concepts as a whole.

With this being said, I thought it would be helpful to create a little cheat sheet for all my Junior Web Developers out there who…

An Intro Guide to Understanding Client-Side VS. Server-Side Rendering

In my experience with coding so far I find the descriptors client-side and server-side rendering being thrown around on the regular. There are aspects to them both that I feel I intuitively grasp and seem pretty clear, but I wanted to take some take to poke around and unveil some deeper clarity for what they are, and what their use cases look like! Here goes!

What is that Client-Side Rendering(CSR)?

  • Your initial request loads the page, layout, CSS, JavaScript(JS).
  • Some of or all of the content is included: instead JS makes another request, gets a response (likely in JSON), and generates the appropriate HTML (usually…

Introductory Dive into Promises in Javascript

For some reason, Promises in Javascript have been shrouded in some mystery for me. There’s actually quite a lot to them, for this blog I want to demystify what Promises are and dig into what using Promises looks like!

What is a Promise?

Overall, what is a promise in Javascript? To put it plainly, a Promise is an object that represents a fulfilled completion or a failure of an asynchronous operation. (Think this operation may likely be a call to an API)

The nature of Single-thread Javascript

It’s important to note Javascript is indeed single-threaded, meaning it can only complete one action at…

Getting down to the use of join, using SQLite.

When learning SQL, aka Structured Query Language, one of the most important concepts to gain an understanding of, is using joins. In this blog, I will break down the different join types, why they are relevant, and how you may implement them yourself.

Just a quick recap, SQL helps us handle data with relational databases. When it comes to having different tables in a database, we need to find a way to connect the tables’ data, and this is where joins come in to save the day!

What are Joins?

Among the different tables…

An Introduction to Design Patterns.

In a recent mock technical interview, the interviewer mentioned understanding design patterns is important to have a grasp as a developer in the field. I thought it would be worthwhile to understand design patterns in software engineering a bit more.So, let’s see what they are all about!

Overall, design patterns are actually somewhat straightforward, they are documented solutions to commonly occurring problems in software engineering.They can be extremely useful when used in the right situation. They are usually implemented when people notice a problem with their design, i.e. having an issue with runtime/performance, or when…

Node.js: The Highly Efficient Backend Runtime Environment

I don’t know about you, but as a recent coding boot camp grad, I find myself overwhelmed with the amount of possible new technologies to learn day in and day out. There are so many crayons in the web development tool crayon box I want to pick up and learn to use, and I’m taking it week by week to decipher what to take on learning next!

Based on conversations I’ve had in the tech space, in interviews, and coffee chats, I’ve decided to learn Node.js. …

The basics of SQL commands

For anyone out there finding themself wanting to learn SQL and wondering what it is, or how to begin to use it, this is the blog for you! I’m going to dive deeper into the world of SQL with you. Here we go!

SQL stands for Structured Query Language.

It is pronounced “Sequel” or “S-Q-L”. Fun right? We like options. So in particular we find we use SQL to manipulate and access a database, in particular with relational databases. A query language like SQL is a language that’s designed to facilitate us in retrieving specific data from a database. …

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