JavaScript Object Methods & Looping

Alyssa E Easterly
4 min readAug 2, 2021

Beginners walkthrough to iterate over a JS Object

Something essential to Javascript fundamentals is …iterating over an object! Am I right?! Whenever we make calls from a database to our web app to render data we usually receive a JSON object that needs to be parsed through. So let’s get down to it, nail some knowledge, and do some learning together.

Photo by Mohammad Rahmani on Unsplash

Objects Methods

First of all, let’s talk about methods for JavaScript objects. As you likely know, in JavaScript, arrays and objects have built-in methods that can be used hand in hand to find out information. For Objects we will focus on these methods:

  • Object.keys() — produces an array of keys of an object
  • Object.values() — produces of an array values of the object(less use cases)
  • Object.entries()

Object.keys() Method

First, let’s begin by creating an object. We have our object user with three keys( name, age, occupation) pointing to three values(“Adam, 36, “Dog Trainer”). Pass that object into the Object.keys() method as you see below on line 7 and console.log that out.

Object.keys(user) will produce an array of the three keys: name, age, & occupation.

For Loop with Object.keys()

Let’s do some looping over an object using Object.keys(), passing in our user.

This loop will produce each key of our object pointing to it’s corresponding value:

Object.values() Method

Pass the user object, in the Object.values() method.

This will produce an array of values and typically has fewer use cases because there isn’t as much information to work with (since we are just retrieving values). See below in the screenshot we have a produced an array of the three values(“Adam”, 36, “Dog Trainer”).

Object.entries() Method

The last method I will focus on is the Object.entries() method. Typically this method will be the most favorable of the three we have worked with to iterate over a JS object.

Let’s once again pass the user object into the Object.entries() method and see what will print to the console.

In the console, we get an array of three arrays printed. Within each of those arrays is a listing of the key and its value. Using this method allows us to interact and manipulate our data with a bit more gusto.:

For Loop with Object.entries()

Let’s build out a for loop now, pass the user object into this method.

This prints out to the console each key and its corresponding value:

Refactoring our Object.entries() For loop.

Now there is a bit simpler way to write a for loop with our Object.entries() method. Let’s introduce destructing to the loop. Instead of the “entry” keyword, we will pass in a “[key, value]” pair and then use those variable names in our console.log().

See that destructing will produce the same outcome as the first for loop for Object.entries() we wrote, but will make our for loop code a little cleaner to read!


I hope this provided some help to you wherever you are on your coding learning journey. I plan on digging into some more object looping techniques in JavaScript in a future blog. Stay tuned and keep on hacking!